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Rapidvite is a trusted brand among horse owners, trainers, and businesspeople across all racing codes in Australia and internationally. Founded by Steve Robinson, Rapidvite quickly gained popularity thanks to its high-quality products and commitment to excellence.

In 2012, Steve retired, and the Rapidvite brand was purchased by Sykes Vet International, which has continued to produce and market Rapidvite products to the equine and greyhound markets around the world. With a range of nutritional supplements and other products designed to support the health and performance of horses and greyhounds, Rapidvite has become a go-to choice for racing professionals and enthusiasts alike.

At Rapidvite, quality is paramount. All products are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring that they are effective, safe, and reliable. Whether you're looking to improve your horse's performance, support their health and wellbeing, or simply give them the best possible care, Rapidvite has the products and expertise you need.

So if you're a racing professional or enthusiast looking for high-quality, effective supplements and products for your horses or greyhounds, look no further than Rapidvite. With a legacy of excellence that spans decades, and a commitment to quality that has never wavered, Rapidvite is the brand of choice for discerning racing professionals around the world.