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Sykes was first established in 1880 and had offices in Australia and New Zealand by the early 1900s.

Established primarily as a brand for farming livestock, the company's range includes long trusted medications and ointments.

Today Sykes Vet International is proudly owned by Sypharma Australia and produces a broad range of animal health products for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, horses, cats, dogs and other animals.



Sykes is a premier Australian brand that develops and supplies products to support the farming, racing and veterinary industries worldwide.

Our veterinary manufacturing suite distributes a range of world-class products under the brands Sykes, Rudduck, Potties, Vetex, and Rapidvite.

Each brand provides a range of trusted products which assists in supporting the health of animals. Our brands are used in Australia and exported to the USA, Asia, the Middle East and Europe to support the health of animals.



Working with parent company Sypharma, Sykes develops and manufactures animal pharmaceutical products, starting with R&D through to commercial volumes.

Under brands Sykes, Vetex, Rapidvite, Potties and Rudduck our animal product range combines to provide a suite of ointments, metabolic injections, and sterile range of IV fluids known and respected by veterinary surgeons, animal handlers and trainers.