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For over 100 years, Potties has been a well-known brand among equine enthusiasts, thanks to its famous White and Green Ointments. Established in 1860 by Veterinary Surgeon John Pottie, who arrived in Sydney from Scotland, Potties has become a trusted name in the industry, providing high-quality products for the care and treatment of horses.

Sykes Vet International acquired the Potties brand in 2000, and since then, has continued to produce a range of Potties products while developing new ones that stay true to the brand’s traditions. Today, Potties remains a traditional, Australian-owned company committed to delivering exceptional products to its customers.

All Potties products are APVMA-registered, ensuring that they are manufactured to strict guidelines and are consistently of high quality. In an industry where some companies are deregistering their products to cut costs, Potties remains committed to delivering trustworthy products that live up to their claims.

If you’re an equine enthusiast looking for reliable, high-quality products to care for your horses, look no further than Potties. With a history of over 160 years, and a commitment to quality that has lasted just as long, Potties is the go-to choice for horse owners everywhere.